Panorama 360° + 1

Type: Research Tools

Project Description

Key Questions/Areas the tool addresses
  • Who are my customers? And what customers do I want to have?
  • Who are my real competitors? And what is their brand position?
  • What problem does my company solve? Does anybody care?
  • What is my value proposition? Brand Personality? Is it distinctive? Is it relevant to my customers?
  • What are the emotional benefits that only we deliver to our customers?

"A brand is not just the logo, the product, the service, the slogan or the advertising campaign. A brand is not even controlled by the company owning it. Rather, a brand is a collection of perceptions that reside in the mind of the consumer/customer."

Elena Giannakopoulou
Lead Research Consultant

"If you really want to build a valuable brand, you must go beyond functional benefits. It is through understanding of emotional benefits that brands are really differentiated. How does someone feel when they buy or use your brand? Brand personality can set your brand apart from the competition."

Stephanie Damas
Affiliated Consumer Insights Consultant